Configuration Viewer R4: Demo

I've been talking about demoing the application to my head of department for a while now, but hadn't found the time until now. Work is busy, and I'm a procrastinator. The demo went pretty well, with the overall feedback being the application will be useful and is heading in the right direction already, with plenty... Continue Reading →

Configuration Viewer Tool: Progress Report 2

Configuration viewer development continues full steam, powered by my weekly caffeine hit. Data Persistence The config viewer now persists data through both refreshes and application shutdowns. This ended up being fairly easy to implement thanks to an electron specific library: electron-store. After npm installing and requiring the library, it was as simple as setting key/values... Continue Reading →

New Tool Time – Introduction

I've previously written about how important I believe testing tools to be, especially ones written in-house to solve issues that only your organisation faces. It's time to plan and develop a new one! This series of posts will be a development diary for this new tool. Hopefully it will provide insight into the kind of... Continue Reading →

Suggestions for SelectorsHub

SelectorsHub by @SanjayKumaarr got its first release at the end of July 2020, and looks to be an incredible tool for helping people build good Xpath and CSS selectors straight from their browser of choice. I grabbed the Chrome extension and started working with it. It's easy to see how great the tool is, and... Continue Reading →

Framework Layout

Something that often seems to get overlooked when designing test automation frameworks is how easy it is for other people to pick up the framework and write tests with it. The harder something is to work with, the slower the automation process will be. Making a framework where it is easy to discover everything available... Continue Reading →

Xpath: Friend Or Foe?

Over the years I've seen varying opinions on whether you should use Xpath locators as anything but a last resort.¬† ¬†Back when I started I adopted the standpoint that I would avoid most usage of Xpath, but in situations where it really wasn't practical to have IDs added I would use it as a last... Continue Reading →

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