There are no dumb questions

The BBC recently published an article about getting started in Cybersecurity as a career, and one part stood out to me That starts with a mindset shift that is focused on the idea that technical skills can be taught, but there are other critical skills for cybersecurity professionals that are harder to teach," she continues.... Continue Reading →

Take Your Time

I find that one of the most important habits/skills of working in software testing is taking your time with bug reports, and doing things thoroughly. It saves me a lot of time later on. You may think that getting a bug report written up as soon as possible would be the most efficient way of... Continue Reading →

Page Object Model Inheritance

Hopefully you already know the importance of using the Page Object Model to keep your code organised.  To keep your code maintainable it's a good practice to have page inherit from a single abstract "BasePage" class.  This allows us to have one central place that defines general actions that our pages can perform, and allows... Continue Reading →

How I Started In Test Automation

The first job that I worked as a QA/Software Tester was for a tiny company.  There were 3 software developers at the time I joined, and I was their first tester.  The product was a website that let users do some basic filing tasks, to keep track of their data a little more easily.  It... Continue Reading →

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